lindsay & logan

lindsay and logan came to me via my good friend and amazing photographer mariana schulze.  (  the wedding took place on monday april 11, 2016, one day after my birthday.  i happened to be in the quaint town of ojai the saturday before their monday  wedding (!) and ran into mariana who said "my friends are getting married monday" - i asked, do they have a videographer?  she sent lindsay two of my wedding films and they pretty much instantly expressed an interest in having me cover their wedding, even though a wedding video was not planned or budgeted.  this alone was such a beautiful validation for me. and also, who gets married on a monday?  only awesome people.  

the wedding itself was unlike anything i have ever experienced, including even non-wedding parties and events.  what stood out most was the fabric of love and togetherness of family and community.  i was moved for months after the event, and in fact, i think this is what eventually triggered my own move to ojai, in february of 2017.  this strong sense of community is something i tried to get across in this film, and lindsay told me how she loved that my film didn't seem like a typical wedding video, focusing only on the pair and all the standard rundown of events, but instead reflected the true spirit of their love and community.  this was one of my most memorable gigs ever.

the two pieces of music i chose are:  

"over there, it's raining" by nils frahm
"going to be wonderful" by tom rosenthal